Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Steampunk behemoths turning with laser precision 

I am starting to really enjoy Dystopian Wars. Like a lot of people I noticed in the rule book there is a photo of some acrylic turning templates. The only way to get them was when they were being given away as promos, or to win a set. So I decided to draw up my own and send them to be fabricated. Carlos at Mechanical Warhorse fixed me up and now my fleet is making turns with laser cut precision.

There is nothing wrong with the free cardboard ones spartan supplies in the boxed sets, but the acrylic ones are superior. The raised edge acts as guide to aid in the turning of the models. The transparent nature allows you to see the position of the other models in a fleet to avoid possible collisions. 
There are a few other suppliers of similar templates but they didn't look very steampunk. I am super proud of my cog design.


Looks cool
Templates with personal design
Raised edge to aid model movement
The firing ark template helps when targeting with multiple turrets 


Not free
Had to draw the design myself
Firing ark template is missing one minor line
The edges have been buffed smooth reducing the sharp look

laser cut goodness
flash+light blue sheet= invisible

they look better on the green
this is missing a line near my thumb

I like design more than the Spartan ones

transparent, I like it
I should have made the top edge 1'' 

helps with using multiple turrets

overlaid on the originals perhaps
a 0.5mm difference 
 edge of the template aids in movement

I like it