Saturday, 6 October 2012

Time For Adventure...   or not

It's been very quiet on the gaming front this week. I did manage a game of Arkham Horror. It has been a long time since we played, It took a while to the group to get back into it. It was plenty of fun once we got the hang of it, We failed to prevent the old one from awakening and were forced to face him in combat and surprisingly we managed to defeat him. 

I also managed to get in a couple of games of Heroica a Lego board game with my 5yo son. I had forgotten how much fun this game is. I think it is one of the best things to happen to gaming in  a very long time. I believe it will plant the gaming seed in many young minds. Growing the next generation of gamers. The major gaming companies should all be thanking Lego for securing the future of the industry. At its core Heroica is just a simple board game constructed out of Lego with a fantasy skin. The mechanics are super simple , all movement and combat is resolved with a single custom Lego D6. When we play I encourage my boy to role-play his actions, he is not just rolling a die but swinging his sword and leaping over the Goblin he slayed.

I was bummed that we have missed our last two sessions of DnD. I believe that we are nearing the end of the story ark our DM had planned. I am anticipating the chance to find out how the adventure will end. It seems that reality keeps getting in the way of play. 
The D6G ran a segment on finding time to game, Angelo Lombardi talked about his experiences balancing adult life, work and family with gaming. I liked the sound of the idea of a group of friends and there family all making the time to hang out not just a bunch of guys steeling time away for gaming, but whole families spending time together.

With little gaming I have still had some time to work on my painting. I made a start on my HeroQuest heroes, the Barbarian and Elf are complete. I was unsure on how to get a good look on the Dwarf beard or the Wizards cape. I've decided to order a book to speed my painting development. According to the manager at my LGS it is quite good. He prefers P3 over GW product, but said the book has a bunch of useful information. I will post about it when I have had a look at it. 

I also managed to finish painting my Britannia helicarrier skyfortress. I am happy with the result, but have received some negative criticism about the rotors. They are quite a contrast to the rest of the model, but I think plain metallic blades look boring. I may consult the Spartan forums for some advice.
Goodbye for now.

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