Tuesday, 11 September 2012


Is what I said when I laid eyes on this Kickstarter.  They took it and then I waited... Four months later and now I've got ZOMBIES! lots of zombies.
I will need to see if the guys are up for surviving a zombie apocalypse.

Big game box.
 High quality linen card stock.
Kickstarter Zombicide T-shirt.

Kickstarter signed lithograph.
Additional game tiles for double game space.

Additional zombies
What about the Zombies?

Now that is a horde of zombies.
Plastic trays provide good box control.

5 shamblers, 2 runners, 1 fatty &
1 abomination. lots of variety in the sculpts
Heroes and one extra abomination.

The heroes look good.
I cant wait to slap some paint on them.

Good level of detail.
No warping of the guns or blades.

Three additional early release Heroes.
Sheldon Cooper  Dave the Geek
John McClane  Nick Walker
Machete    El Cholo
Three sets of dice, tokens, game tiles
& two sets of game cards the extra
set is for big games using all the zombies and
game tiles.