Saturday, 1 September 2012

Forging swords for Goblins

"The Fisher King looked down on it 
He knew the need so great
He forged a sword to stir man's faith
And so the sword was made
A sword of power a sword of .... Greenstuff?"

I have mentioned before that I scored a copy of HeroQuest complete besides one goblin sword. The DM from my DnD group also scored a copy, I think his had a few more missing bits.
I have heard about people casting there own miniatures and bits in resin using silicone molds to copy the original. That seemed a bit beyond me & the setup cost was too high for what I wanted. 
However on 40K radio  they ran a piece on there hobby hot spot segment about press molding. 
  1. Paint a thin layer of release agent onto the object you want to copy. I used baby oil.
  2. You take some greenstuff and literally press it on to the object you want to copy.
  3. Allow to set and remove object from your new negative mold. 
  4. More baby oil in to the negative mold.
  5. Make up some more greenstuff and tightly fill the negative. 
  6. Ensure there are no air gaps and allow a small lip on at least one edge to aid in separation.
  7. Allow to set and remove. 
  8. Clean and trim as required. 
GW also make liquid greenstuff so I was thinking I could use the above method to produce a new sword mold. And just pour liquid greenstuff into the mold. The results were less than satisfactory.  The greenstuff stuck to the negative despite the oil and even though I had added a paperclip in the centre of the greenstuff to act as reinforcing the sword just crumbled.  

Below are some pictures and notes regarding my first attempt.

Look at that goblin lording it with his shinny sword.
Some liquid greenstuff and P3 putty from my LGS
I used some Lego as form work for the mold.

I had to remove to sword from the goblin to mold it.
I hope my DM doesn't mind.

Molds filled with liquid greenstuff and a piece of paper clip reo-rod.
I needed a mold for each side of the sword.
The liquid greenstuff stuck to the mold like glue and just crumbled  as I attempted to pry it out.