Saturday, 8 September 2012

Renewed shall be blade that was broken

This is a recount of my second attempt to pressmold a replacement sword for a HeroQuest goblin. I needed to create two new molds as the liquid greenstuff was not a suitable material and left them ruined. The new molds were created in the same manner as the fist. This time I just used more putty for the sword ramming it down into the mold to insure there no air-gaps. I left it over night to harden and when removed I trimmed it to shape, removing all the flash. each half of the sword was at least as thick as the original so I carefully shaved it to the correct thickness and glued them together. The result is about 1mm to thick, but more than acceptable. I think next time a small file will produce better results than shaving with an x-acto knife.

Look at him all high and mighty with that sword.
lots of flash.
I cast two sets just in case.
It's good that the swords are a little flexible, so they don't snap when getting  shaved to size.
Halves glued together. I think they look good.
Painted some liquid greenstuff into the seem. I guess it's not useless after all.
Finished! Now to see if  my DM noticed that I coped up his mini. Perhaps I can forge some swords for him if he needs any.