Friday, 7 September 2012

It Came To Me In A Dream 

Back a little while ago I was quite sick. Fevers chills aches and pains typical man flu stuff only worse, I needed five days off work. During a particularly bad fever racked sleep I had a vision dream. Stretched before me was a tabletop battlefield, covered in a system of twisting platforms and walkways. Ladders, ramps, platforms all modular and with the ability to be dissembled and reassembled like some kind of 28mm Ikea terrain, minus the allen keys. As I awakened I rushed to the shower  to soothe my fever and pain, the image lingering in my mind. I begun to sketch with the only tool I had at hand, a bar of soap on the glass shower screen. 

Below is a slightly more detailed version of that first sketch. The material used would be 3mm thick MDF custom board. The whole thing would be cut using a CNC laser perhaps even with some fine detail engrave over the surface. Each piece would have slots cut to fit a corresponding slot in another piece.

An image showing some of theme of my dream.

The platforms twist and turn, crossing each other, ladders and ramps allow movement over multiple levels.

Detail view showing some of the individual components.