Sunday, 16 June 2013

More Lasers

So its been awhile since I posted anything about laser cut terrain. last time I had  received some test cuts from a local fabricator with a laser. I had to redesign my walkways, the ramps were too steep and too narrow. I have refined my designs and have now produced several more. I am now reaching out to a couple of blokes in the United States that are also interested in laser cut terrain. I have been bouncing ideas back and forth with them and they may even be interested in producing some of my designs.

Perhaps next pay day I will get some more test cut made.

Here is a bunch of 3D renders showing some of my new designs.

These were inspired by the Hab-blocks in the MassEffect  games they should be fun to play 40K and infinity with.

These were inspired by the plastic bulkheads that come with the Necromunda box set.  

It is a modular system allowing the construction of buildings and hallways there are even removable doors.

This would be great for a game of Rogue Trader. The party exploring a maze of  corridors as they are stalked by Genestealers. 

I couldn't afford add the terrain or the excellent armored train to my WWX kickstrater pledge so I decided to draw up some of my own. 

Drew up a hole train set with rails box, flat, coal, passenger cars and a engine.  

I also drew up a whole towns worth of buildings Shops, houses a train station and this  saloon.

I worked out a way so all the wheels will turn and the carriages link together. I can't wait to stage a train robbery with my WWX outlaws.