Friday, 16 August 2013

I can see what you see not.

Gaming Achievements
Eldar physic node
 floating in space
Rogue Trader adventure has been cumming along nicely. The party has completed there first story ark. I ran the Lure of the Expanse adventure from Fantasy Flight the party ended the adventure by escaping an Eldar maiden world after their unbridled pillaging drove an Eldar farseer to intervene by raising a army of Wrathguard  and close the world off from the universe with a warpstorm. I think the party has done alright through this adventure. They have amassed a sizable fortune, established several interplanetary  trade-routes and acquired an additional warship. All for the price of a navigator's leg, Seneschal's skin and two burnt fate points. However the party's attempts to establish a dynasty has raised the ire of several  powerful adversary s including several other Rogue Traders. Also not least amongst them is the odors Xenos of the Holy Inquisition.

I have something special planed for advancing the story this ark will be of my own creation and I plan some more 3D terrain for the more important combat encounters.
My party was smart enough to
avoid combat but they were still
nearly court in a demolition blast

Besides Rouge trader I also ran a one-two shot of Deathwatch. I enjoyed running the session but I think I got the short end of the fun stick. The party of three Space Marines managed to live up to the GW fluff. They prevented a planetary uprising from taking hold in the capital of an Agri-world. In the process they managed to save the life of the planetary governor and personally kill hundreds of rebels as well as a dozen Genestealers and there Brood Lord .

Pax-Aus came and went unfortunately I was unable to attend. Fortunately one of my gaming mates did and managed to pick up some bits and bobs for me! Starwars X-wing is a very neat game. Simple to pick up and plays fast and fun. I have only played a few games and so far loved every one. My 6yo son also loves it and he easily grasps the beginners rules. Under the Starwars skin it is a great system. I imagine it would easily be expanded upon into a ground combat or fleet engagement format. Truthfully the game would sell well just because of the excellent pre-painted miniatures even if it had a mediocre rules system. With ships like the iconic Millenium Falcon and Slave-I along side the classic X-wing and TIE-fighters Fantasy Flight surely has created a licence to print money.

TIE Advanced. Nice detail and prepainted 
You can nearly see Darth Vader.

Negative Die pool 

One other thing that came back from Melbourne for me was the StarWas Edge of the Empire core rule book and GM kit. Another bloke also got the beginners box set. We had the game of the one shot adventure that came packaged with the beginners kit.  I don't know if I could find the words to describe how much fun I had  but Penny Arcade did a comic that captures the gist of my feelings. The adventure is super simple we just jumped right in. It came with some very nice maps a set of the custom dice needed for play.

Positive Die pool
I liked the dice mechanic you roll a set of custom D12s, D8s and D6s determined by your skill and  any advantages for the task you are attempting. These dice are opposed by a different set of D12s, D8s and D6s depending on the difficultly of the task and and disadvantages hindering you preforming the task.  The dice are marked with pips representing success and advantage on the positive dice and failure and threat on the negative dice. this created a system that allows for raging success or crushing defeats as well situations were you may fail forward or succeed with unexpected consensuses. I personally found it really discourages meta gaming when planning for a dice roll and encourages role play. Rouge has a nice simple percentage system that makes the math easy. But when you know that you have a 35% chance to succeed and a ability that grants a additional 10% chance its pretty easy to forget to just have fun and roll for it.
Force Die and force tokens.

Perhaps the game is horribly flawed and it's just the StarWars nostalgia and the fact I got to just play a game instead of running an entire universe that has tinted my perception. Hopefully one of the other players steps up to GM a few games before my veneer of smoke an mirrors is shattered. If there is as much fan service in the next adventure as there was in the first then I good time is bound to be had.

  Cast down into the Halls of the Blind.

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