Saturday, 15 June 2013

Roleplay & Gaming Aids part2

Previously I talked about my plan to use 3D terrain when my Rouge Trader players experience a major combat encounter so I have compiled some photos and notes of what I managed to put together.

I lot of the stuff I used was paper terrain from Worldworks Games.

The major encounter I was planning for was on a unexplored world with an ancient temple complex built by the Eldar before their fall. Scattered ruins around a central tower surrounded by a thick forest.

Eldar foam-core symbol
Split in half
I cut out a series of Eldar like shapes from foam core then carved them up a little to look more like ruins.

A quick rough coat of paint, they looked like crap but they are ruins.

Misc Eldar shapes
Foam spheres and cone cut to shape

Foam test fit

The top of the cone needed to be
concave to accept the foam semi sphere

The temple of far seeing was meant to be a mighty tower looming above the forest floor. 

The body was constructed out of foam block from a craft store a few seconds with a saw reshaped them as required. Some wood glue fixed the major pieces in place.

All the small foam semi
spheres glued in place

Small foam spheres cut in half and
 sanded to fit the side of the cone

To get the correct shape on the stairs I used the cone as a sanding block. 

I will post a few picks of the tower in use during game night.

I only have a few more cool encounters using this 3D terrain but I may plan more. I was surprised how much work GMing can be even when using campaign book a.
I used toothpicks as well as glue
to hold the stairs in place 

Foam-core dais on top to the tower

Vanes glued in-place and a
star-chart added to the dais

Checking scale and access

Two coats of paint it kinda looks like Wrathbone