Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Interesting Developments

Gaming Highlights 

The Brits are the first to seize the bridge
More Dystopian Wars last week it was the useual armored match up of my Kingdom of Britannia against a friends Prussian Empire. The battle field was dominated by a large winding river spanned by a ridiculously large bridge. we both rolled destroy 50% total value and all medium class for our field orders. but were unable to finish the game. It didn't matter anyway it was only going to end one way. A crushing defeat for the Brits. My land ship suffered a critical hit "Sturginum Flare" it blinked into the ether and moment later it flashed back into existence smashing into the support structure of the bridge, now in front of my battle line. It was then pummeled by a combined broad side from three Prussian tanks resulting in a another critical hit "Magazine Explosion"  my land ship was destroyed in a series of violent explosions, massive stores of fuel and ammunition  erupting on flames punching out of the internals of my land ship.
My small tanks repel the Prussians  

I've got this in the bag. Wait how did my
land ship get there & why is it a smoking ruin!?
The planets were aligned and six men once again embarked upon there quest. We manage to pick up our DnD campaign, when we left off the party had just finished two encounters and were bit beat up and exhausted we pushed on and were just scoping out a safe place to rest up when we discovered  a nest of Jellys Jellos Jellies ruled by a massive flame filled goo. Our winbutton Avenger out of surges and powers the encounter turned into a cliffhanger it ended with the Monk, Avenger and my Ranger down and bleeding out. If we spent one more round in its presence we all would have been negative bloodied. The Mage and Barbarian managed to destroy it just in time, with three members down and the least adept healers left to revive them our DM was going to have a hard time explaining the entry of three new characters in to his story. With some  very tense rounds with a few failed death roles and a few lucky healing rolls we were all brought around. We now rest huddled in the corner fearing for our lives staring at the barricaded doors.

I also enjoyed  a couple more games of the excellent Heroica it is a great family game with the cutest little Lego meeples.
My boy swinging his sword to slay a Goblin.

Hobby Achievements

I have been painting up some remaining Dystopian Wars units six more medium tanks, four Doncaster medium bombers and eight stands of tiny flyers. An attempt to bolster my forces for an expected encounter with a force of unknown origin these guys are going to be hard to take out and they have all kinds of different tropes tools at there disposal. I am planing to form an alliance with the Prussians that have previously ravaged my army to insure the destruction of the invaders.  Did I just hear a distant Ulla!

Some Other Geeky Stuff

I recently earned a pay rise and back pay at work and before I waster this money on boring things like food for my family or mortgage repayments I made sure to get a few essentials. Two more Rouge Trader books and The Deathwatch core rule book. This will take the number of book for systems that I don't play to seven. I think I may need to try and run a Rouge Trader campaign when we wrap up the Current DnD campaign. 

My have sent my terrain plans to Carlos at Mechanical Warhorse for him to review I plan to soon get some samples made up to see if my ideas work outside the confines of a computer or my head.
In fact a have sent Carlos a barrage of designs and plans for all different kinds of bits and bobs mainly for Dystopian Was but a couple would be useful for 40K I will put up images showing my designs soon.
He also had a proposition for me but I will need to think it over a little more before I decide to post it on the web.