Tuesday, 24 July 2012

What I've been up to.

So about a year ago a work mate invited me to play a  game of Dungeons and Dragons. I hadn't rolled a dice in anger in a long time, and had never played a pen and paper RPG before. Within a couple of months I was knee deep in rule books and gamer pod casts, the gamer bug had bitten me hard. I turned back to my old 40K addiction only to find out that two editions had passed me by since I last played. My 2nd and 3rd edition Orks were looking a little dated so a new army was in order. The Imperial guard had always appealed to me but after a quick price check I decided that the new army had to wait. 
In my online travels I discovered that table top gaming had flourished  in my absence. 

Warmachine once a obscure game that no one played was now massively popular as well as a bunch of other games I had never heard of. Infinity, Flames Of War, Dust, Games Workshop even had a new Lord of the Rings game. But the game that entrapped my imagination was the Steam Punk world of Dystopian wars. While playing the V1.0 rules it became apparent that the tiny flyer rules were horribly flawed, all was forgiven upon the release of the V1.1 rule book. The only thing that bothered me was having to keep track of the fuel status of the tiny flyers with dice, I wanted something a little more pimp.

I heard of these guys Mechanical Warhorse while I was listening to these guys 11th Company Pod cast.
So I drew up some designs with my newly discovered Auto-Cad skills and Emailed them to Mechanical Warhorse. Carlos has just sent me a  picture of the prototype I think it looks good soon I will be tracking my  tiny flyer fuel usage in style.