Tuesday, 31 July 2012

The Touch of Nurgle

With two of the DnD party away and the DM wanting an early night, game night was a non event. No problem I will just make up for it on the weekend with some war-gaming. Nope, Grandfather Nurgle has been let lose in my household. Wife, child, baby and myself have all taken turns of role playing a plague victim.

But on a positive note related to gaming, Carlos from mechanical warhorse sent me the good news. That my Dystopian Wars tiny flyer fuel counters were finished and were in the mail. I can not wait to try them out.
More good news he wants to add the design to his catalog, I hope to soon see waves of enemy tiny flyers using these.

I have been looking on the interwebs for some turning templates for Dystopian Wars but haven been able to find what I have been looking for. There are a few sellers but they just don't look Steempunk. I drew these up and sent them to Carlos at Mechanical Warhorse for fabrication.