Monday, 23 July 2012

And So It Begins

The Best Laid Plans?

So among other things I am a Gamer. Gaming is not the sole defining aspect of my life, but it is something I  immensely enjoy. Having played PC and console games since I could afford to purchase them and having had a on again off again love hate relationship with table top war-gaming for the last 20 years. Has left my psyche scared with gaming pop culture references.

Why I Decided to Start This Blog?

I sent out an Email to my DnD group asking the usual, who was in, same time and place as last week.the subject "Of Dice and Men" in reference to the fact that the party had been unable to coordinate our schedules for the last couple of weeks. The subject soon turned to the fact that Of Dice And Men is the best name ever for a blog. So despite the fact that my very clever and original idea turned out not to be so original I decide to start a Blog anyway.

Random Throghts and Activities.

I guess this blog will act as my soap box as I ramble incorrectly about my gaming habits, successes losses hopes and dreams. Lately I find my gaming time is seriously constrained by my two sons, wife and a real life grown up job. I still endeavor to to get in a weekly session of DnD, scheme some time away for a game of Dystopian Wars and then there's that 40K Ork army I have in the attic & 6ed just came out.