Friday, 16 May 2014

Logocal Purchasing Process.

In preparation for playing 40k I have begun planning out my army list and working out the buy order of the models I plan to use.
When I last played 40k my collection of Orks contained whatever miniatures GW released that I happened to love the look of. Therefore whatever army I fielded tended to be on the ramshackle side of things. When I did identify strengths or short comings in my lists through game play, having spent all my money on whatever random shiny had been released that week, I was unable to capitalise or mitigate these.
This time I planned for things to be different. I have a theme. My Astra Militarum would represent the glorious forces of Atticus Havlock, all units would represent forces collected during play or those easily available considering the events that occurred during play. I would weigh up the choices available to me and choose units that were effective in their use, and efficient in their points cost.
Finally I would construct a list that worked at 1000pts and 2000pts that way I could start playing test games earlier at a lower points cost.
There are a few potential choices for the HQ. Lord Castellan Creed seemed like a good choice to represent Atticus and the regimental advisors also seem likely candidates for the other players characters.
But after drawing up a few test lists I decided to drop Creed because of his points cost and swap the astropath for a primaris psyker because of the potential benefits of accessing the Divination discipline. Just because I am following a theme doesn't mean I don't want an effective army.
So for the HQ I settled on a Company commander as Captain Atticus his orders would represent his mastery of command.
The Master of Ordnance would represent first officer Ragnar his artillery bombardment would be a pinpoint orbital Macro-cannon shot.
The fleet commander's abilities would nicely represent Luther's sneaky seneschal shenanigans.
The accompanying veterans would be represented as Kroot bodyguards.
The new codex also includes several types of specialists that sit outside the standard force organisation chart, after a quick read of the various universal special rules on offer I knew I needed to include some of these specialists.

Enginseers serve as custodians of the mystic rites of maintenance and a imperial starship captain would have access to several thousand of these highly skilled mystics. Also they get to utilise their skills on the battlefield having among other things the neat ability to repair damaged vehicles. They also can be accompanied by Survivors, in this case they will be Murder Servitors.

Ministorum Priests seem like an appropriate inclusion in the army. Atticus rescued a stranded pilgrim ship on his maiden voyage beyond the Imperium's borders. He then proceeded to cultivate a strong personality cult among the faithful who now view him as a living saint. These Priests have the unit boosting ability to sing Was hymns when engaged in a mêlée, and to grant the Zealot special rule.

Commissars are the final specialist I will be fielding in my army. These ironed spined, stony jawed symbols of authority would represent the internal Morale Efficiency and Security forces of Atticus's chief seneschal. The Summary Execution special rule insures that any squad accompanied by a commissar will not fail a morale, fear, or pinning test. Apparently the barrel of a bolt pistol does wonders for Morale, Efficiency and Security when pushed against the back of someone's head.
Troops :
I really wanted to represent the mass of shipboard armsmen that a Rogue Trader would be able to call upon. These semi skilled workers would swarm enemies bringing them down through sheer numbers. Conscripts seemed the obvious choice to represent this mass of loyal bodies. I looked around for some suitable minis but couldn't find anything that really captured the feel of naval shipmen. While I was searching for minis I stumbled upon Victoria Miniatures.  They produce some very nice miniatures and the best bit is they sell all the individual components separately. By combining the arms, legs & heads of one type with the torso of another I think I can recreate the feel of 40k seamen. To complete the look I also ordered a range of guns from Anvil Industry, to give the impression of an haphazard collection of weapons. 
One of the last major story points the players encountered was the Ork Waargh to conquer Damaris. The players efforts resulted in a strong alliance with the military commander of the planetary defence forces. In response to aiding in a coup the Damaris levy now supply Atticus with significant military forces.
So a bulky infantry platoon with lots of troops seemed appropriate. Mantic Games manufacture a range of 40k compatible minis designed to substitute for official GW Imperial Guard, I considered Mantic troopers in part to help recoup the cost of ordering so many custom bits for the conscripts/armsmen. In the end I decided to stick with the official models mainly because I like the look of the GW heavy weapon teams.
I originally planned for the elites section to contain a couple of squads of the new excellent looking Militarum Tempestus, but I decided on more points efficient special weapon squads. I also really liked the new plastic Ogryns minis and seriously considered including a squad but the high points cost and inability to rationalize Ogryns with my theme caused me to disregard these brutes.
Fast attack:
I had expensive Forgeworld plans for the fast attack section but it turns out the fleet of Aquila landers I planned to use as Valkyrie transports would have to be canned. Forgeworld decided to cancel production of this neat miniature. I guess a pair of Valkyrie dropships will suffice, I think I will give the Valkyries a battered second-hand/surplus look, perhaps with worn and chipped paint.
I also wanted to include a squad of converted sentinels themed as murder servitors but again the points are just better spent elsewhere.
Heavy Support:
I have always loved the slab-sided look of the Leman Russ battle tank. I plan to field a trio of these brutes, and they fit nicely with my theme.
A major component of the Damaris PDF are the highland wardens, this elite armoured force newly battle hardened in the effort to repulse an Ork Warrgh. Led personally by Capitan Havelock "the savoir of Damaris" in several decisive counter attacks, this close bond forged in conflict would of course continue to endure. I expect an entire hold of Atticus's ship is dedicated to the housing and support of a fleet of armoured vehicles supplied by Damaris.
Another neat vehicle I plan to include in my army after discovered it in the codex is the deaths-strike missile launcher. This infinite range strength 10 AP1 large blast weapon seemed like the perfect addition. The only problem was theme, the thought of an ICBM or MRBM firing at a target within visual range seemed... dumb. But I wanted that strength 10 heavy blast, so I got to thinking what a Rogue Trader would have at his disposal with that kind of firepower. The answer was obvious his ship, a pinpoint orbital lance strike would easily match a death-strike in its level of destruction. So what purpose would the vehicle serve? I the assume coordination of an orbital gothic space fortress firing down to a planets surface would be a difficult thing. Perhaps it would warrant a dedicated observation and fire-control system mounted inside a Chimera chassis.

Some of my choices were influenced by the relative efficiency of certain units. The way I calculated these values is quite interesting in its own right, and I will post a little about the methods I used in my next blog.


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