Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Long Time No post

So last time I posted I mentioned that two of my players were moving away and my GMing was coming to an end.
I have had a chance to catch up and run through the closing scenes of the campaign verbally, just telling the story and asking the players what they would do. No dice were rolled just a shared theatre of the mind. I thought it was interesting that the players asked questions about the enemies stats. I think knowledge of the meta helped them internally define just how much firepower the Massive Ork Krooser had or how hulking the brutish Ork warlord was.
I plan to write up some more fiction for the closing session and perhaps touch a little on how the future of the expanse would look after the character influenced events had run their course.

I first started this blog when I had just started playing DnD, and playing had rekindled my love of all things table top. I had originally planned to restart playing 40k. I found a local gaming club, I bought the current edition of the rules, started reading blogs and fluff. I proceeded then to collect and play Dystopian wars. Then a new edition came out, I managed to grab a second hand copy of the hard cover rule book for $50 a massive bargain. Reading through the rules I could remember the basis from the previous editions, liked what I read. Then I proceeded to continue not playing 40k. That grim dark hole was filled by Rogue Trader, I had still planed to play 40k. I wished to bin my old Orks and start a fresh new force of Tau allied Imperial Guard. I had neat idea of a human world cut off from the imperium and rediscovered during the Tau third sphere expansion. That idea has now fallen by the wayside, I found that even though I never actually played in my campaign only ever GMed I was still very invested in the game. (perhaps more so then the players because it was my first GM experience)
I now plan to compile an army themed around the glorious expeditionary forces of the Havlock rogue trader dynasty commanded by Atticus Havlock and his loyal entourage.
I will be using the new Imperial guard Codex complete with its freshly trademarketable name change.