Sunday, 21 April 2013

The Trading of Rogues... and baked goods

So I finally took the plunge and have become a GM the system I have been running is Rouge Trader. So far I have been enjoying it immensely, so much of my childhood was spent completely immersed in the 40K universe, and still now remain heavily invested. I have been running one of the Fantasy Flight campaign books Lure of The Expanse  with some personal flavor. I was a little daunted about how to shepherd a group of PCs that would have some very powerful role-play abilities like the purchasing power of Warren Buffett and a star ship able to nuke any site from orbit. So I decided to limit there amount of obscene wealth and access to ridiculous interstellar craft.

Previously on Rogue Trader...

Ravion Havelock was commandeered by the imperial navy to serve as escort for supply’s to Segmentum Solar during the second war for Armageddon. Ravion was mortally wounded in the war. Singled out for special honours by the lord sub-sector militant, Ravion died before he received any official recognition. He is remembered as a great war hero. 50 years later. The explorers received a summon from the family solicitor Maximus Pembroke, to attend the execution of the last will and testament of Ravion Havelock. Pembroke selected one of the public observation bays near the main ship docks for the formalities. The view of The Emperor’s Hand as is was being returned from service from the Imperial Navy having been refitted and repaired at the Imperial Navy Dry-docks was spectacular. 2.25km long, 9 megatonnes, painted in the black and red of the Havelock family the Emperor’s Hand was an inspiring sight but it was still dwarfed by surrounding larger transports of major merchant families. In attendance were the remaining family members there personal retainers, most of the household staff, several old family friends and some anxious creditors. At the conclusion of the reading of the will Pembroke announced that the final matter for the day was the opening of Ravion’s personal correspondence. There were two items of note. One large envelope and a small bundle of leather journals. The the envelope contained a rare and powerful reward, a warrant of trade granted to Ravion Havelock and all his line. As the explorers digested the gravity of there new elevation in life the room erupted into chaos a grill in the floor exploded as a large rodent snatched the bundle of journals and scampered across the room to escape and five men wearing large coats sprayed the party in auto-pistol fire.

So beside hamstringing my players wealth and supplying them with a hunk of junk to fly around the Galaxy. I have had to take a lump of my imagination an smear it over the pages of a notebook in an attempt to form a corporeal world that others can join. So far I have been somewhat successful, but my players have had me sweating over a possible change in direction for the game.

GM"So everyone free tomorrow?
I have prepared a bunch and should be ready for anything."

Captain: "Haha ready for anything eh? Them's fightin' words"

GM: "Please don't force me to drop a moon on the party"

Void Master: "Who's ready to give up on all this dread pearl nonsense and start up an intergalactic catering company? Havelock's tea and cupcakes, the must have food for every loyal servant of the emperor. I can see it already..."

Captain: "Hmm I read that in Guybrush Threepwood's voice, it made a lot of sense... Maybe that's a sign that Havelock should spend more time walking around trying to combine stuff with a rubber chicken with a pulley in the middle."

Void Master: "I'd love to see you insult power-sword fight our rival rogue trader Fel."

Captain: "You fight like a dairy farmer!"

Seneschal: "Cupcakes.. maybe not. Are communion wafers a thing in 40k?"

Void Master: "They would be grimdark cupcakes, made in the shape of skulls and such."

Seneschal: "That's gotta be good for a laugh at the cake supply shop.. "Uhh, I was wondering if you have any skulls? Double-headed eagles maybe?"

Void Master: "A double headed eagle decorated with skulls! So good it's almost heretical! Havelock's Heretical Treats, place an order today!"

GM: "The inquisition may may have something to say about that...

Hi I am Eisenhorn of the Ordo Xenos and when I am hungry from purging the unclean I always look forward to a snack from Havelock's Heretical Treats. They are so yummy you can taste the Grim Dark!"

Former player: "I hope they have gooey centres."

Seneschal: "Try our new Cup'o'Chaos cupcakes! No two alike, but every one tastes of sweet heresy! Use the pass phrase 'The Ruinous Powers sent me' for a free sample!

In the grim darkness of the far future, there is war and also cupcakes."

If a Rogue Trader sold his ship and turned his attentions to catering they would be an unstoppable force in the culinary world.