Monday, 11 March 2013

So Many Zombies

After completing the task of painting my HeroQuest minis my attentions have turned to the ridiculous amount of  zombies I got with Zombicide Kickstarter. If I don't make a start on this hoard soon then I will end up buried under an avalanche of unpainted plastic with more Kickstarters on there way.

One of problems with painting any gaming figure is the tendency for paint to be rubbed off with repeated use. Zombicide does provide good box control with the use of plastic trays but I was concerned that the tight fitting vacuum formed trays would quickly remove any paint I applied. I remembered that Romeo from BattleFoam was offering a special foam tray set designed for the Zombicide Kickstarter. After a quick search on there site I found they are still offering it for sale. So with some suitable protection for my zombies sourced now I just need to paint 114! miniatures. The thing is most of the tips for paining bulk amounts of minis are aimed at wargamers who field bulk amounts of rank and file troops. I need to figure out how to paint all these zombies without them looking like a platoon of soldiers.
And I need to do it before my Bones, WWX and Zombicide-season2 arrive.

One of the old trays
The two trays hold nearly everything

Everything but the dice, and  books
Laser cut to fit the box

Foam & dice are a little higher than the box 

Testing some color combos


  1. 3rd from the right needs a white fedora and blue armband! :O

    1. Err, did I say blue armband? I think it's meant to be black actually. Yeah. And a white tie

    2. I was going for more Boss hog than the Prince of Pop.