Sunday, 8 March 2015

Damurus Highland Levy

My painting progress on the forces militant of Rogue Trader Atticus Havlock is continuing slowly.
I decided that synced that Damurus is a cold world the PDF would have white or light blue uniform with green sections synced is also an agri world. I painted up two miniatures with opposite colours on the cloth and armour to see what the finished product would look like.

I didn't like the plain white.
A blue wash improved it a lot.

I decided to go with green armour and blue cloth. I just hope the finished product doesn't look too much like Cadians. After selecting my scheme; I started my paint line when batch painting I like to paint each model the same to the same stage. I base each one I turn before changing colours or moving to highlighting.

So far the I am enjoying the results I still need to paint the flesh and pick out the details and finish the highlighting but I think they look good.

Base colours done. Still a lot more to do.

Unfortunately my shiny new toy didn't arrive in time to save me from base coating. I finally took the plunge and got an airbrush. I took the advise of my FLGS when purchasing the brush, having no experience with airbrushing I had no idea on what to buy. Apparently what I have is a good beginners brush that wont break the bank and will handle some more advanced techniques when my ability improves. It sounded exactly like what I wanted. And so far I am extremely happy with it.
I was also offered caned air or a miniature air compressor to purchase. I simply decided to use my existing air compressor, I figured if it can handle driving nails form a nailgun then it could probably blow paint.
I needed to grab some fitting to connect the small airbrush hose to the standard airline couplings, but other than that there were no problems.

Star  SAP-BR  .2 nozzle
Custom air hose. yep I be pimping.

The large tank allows for prolonged use.
Once set up I proceeded to start using the brush. My first attempts were on a sheet of paper with just water in the paint cup, just to get the hang of the trigger. Next I tried some black paint. I quickly learnt just how tricky is was using an airbrush. I needed something more than blank paper to practise on so I grabbed one of my sons partly completed colouring in books an attempted to colour between the lines; I suddenly felt like I child again. My first attempts were pitiful, but I quickly realised what was the cause of my difficulties. My paint was too thick, way too thick. I liberally added some flow medium and some 50/50 water Windex mix. (about one equal part of each) and was soon on my way to air brush competence if not mastery.
It took me a while to figure out the paint.
First attempt with paint. 

once I thinned out the paint things were much easier.
Straight after I worked out how thin the paint needed to be I started on painting my first miniature with the airbrush. I will post about it soon, I've already built a wall of text in my previous short story blog.
The paint must flow.

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