Saturday, 7 February 2015

New year Blogging.

In my absence

So it's been way too long since I've been on here. I've had a little break from the hobby, modelling wise, but I have continued to game. The weekly role play sessions of Star Wars edge of the Empire continues. We are currently causing all kinds of mischief on Bespin, as we work our way through the Jewel of Yavin campaign. It's got a real nice heist caper feel to it. I've also continued to play X-Wing most weekends. Fantasy Flight Games has continued to produce some great ships. And on the gaming days when we are down a RPG player we normally pay a variety of board or card games. Some of the notable mentions I can think of in no particular order are: Boss Monster, Cosmic Encounters, Myth, Gloom, Coup (one of my favourite), Love letter, King of Tokyo, Bang the card game (Blizzard trappings), Elder Sign, Small World, and Once Upon a Time. I am sure there was more but those are the ones I can remember. 
I've also been playing a tonne of Density, on the PS4. So much in fact that I am burnt out on it. The kicker was an update on the Bungie community page where they basically gave the middle finger to any casual players having trouble organising a team for the raids. The raids form a large portion of the end game content, and as Bungee has decided not to implement any kind of matchmaking for them I've decided to take and extended break from it.
One of the other geeky things I've been doing is catching up on Anime I should have watched 10 years ago. Ghost in the Shell 2nd Gig, Gunslinger Girl, and some Desert Punk. Still on my internal to watch list is Cowboy Bebop, and Akira. I know, I know, how the hell did I miss all of those.

Back to it

I may have had a little break from 40k modelling. The sheer volume of guardsmen and zombies from Zombicide had me a little burnt out. But I caught wind that my local GW store was running a conversion/kit bash competition, and I jumped in. I've had an idea for a neat conversion for the Rogue Trader themed Imperial Guard army I've been working on. During a Rogue Trader session the players went walkabout through a Space Hulk. Along the way they opened an ancient gaol and released a shackled Star God fragment. During this little adventure they brought along some of the murder servitors from their ship. Later they also deployed murder servitors on mass during an Ork Warrgh. So I wanted to include some of these in the 40k army. My plan was to combine the torso of an Ogryn with the legs of a Sentinel. I plan to field these as plasma cannon toting servitors supporting a Techpriest. But they are more Sentinel sized so they may end up as counts as Sentinels instead.
I entered my miniature not expecting much I haven't had much experience with Greenstuff and only paint to a table top level. Some of the miniatures I've seen in the store are very impressive. One of the conversions was an Ogryn Commissar with expertly green stuffed great cloak & hat and a brilliant paint job.
So you can guess how surprised I was when I won!  
I got a framed picture of some Storm troopers (and bragging rights of course)

A winner is me
The competition

I also painted all of the Zombies from Zombicide! Well when I say all, I am excluding the Zobmvivors, and zombie dogs, and toxic Zombies from  mall expansion, and the Prisoners zombies from Zombicide season 2. But I definitely painted all the Zombies from the base game.   

The  Zombie horde approaches.

I normally don't make new year resolutions, but this year I've decided to purchase and become proficient in the use of an airbrush. Airbrushing was once only for the hobby elite now with the relative price of quality air brushes compared to the cost of miniatures I am determined to make the leap into air brushing and hopefully my miniatures will be the recipients of better paint jobs. Once I get one I will have to learn how to use the bloody thing, but how hard could that be? 

"And to think Atticus' entourage spent those guys against the xeno hordes like so many disposable shark teeth!"