Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Gaming Props again?

Warrant of trade
I am always looking for some kind of gimmick to help me get my players immersed into the game. Perhaps it's my time spent as a miniatures wargamer. I like minis but I love them on 3D terrain. Maps, props and 

other handouts I use them all. The problem is I think some of my extras are not only unnecessary but may also be hindering the role-playing. My hope was to use these props to help immerse the players into my wold. I wanted them to see exactly what I envisioned. So I attempted to craft parts of my universe sometimes in miniature other times in true scale. I found that the props are easily ignored & forgotten and the maps can tend to constrain the players thinking. 
3D terrain
Even my best props were ultimately unnecessary. With appropriate word smithing, I could have woven a description that provided all the necessary information, for game mechanics and also inspired the players imaginations so they would become immersed in a universe of our joint construction. 
The Rogue Traders
Sadly my ability to turn a phrase and spin a web of intrigue is lacking. So I find that my GMing is greatly served by the wealth of background fluff and premade adventures for the 40K universe. I borrow snippets and plagiarize whole paragraphs from my old 40K  codexs codices rule-books and FFG role-play books. I bend and shape the stolen content into an amalgam of stories that I subject my players to. 
Despite all rational thinking they are apparently enjoying it. I recently solicited some feedback from my players and was surprised to receive very positive comments. The only thing lacking from my adventures so far is star-ship combat. The players did recently manage to salvage an gigantic, ancient, space-worthy, Gothic ship, from a Space-hulk.
Confusing Hulk Map

The next story ark that I have plagiarized should allow me to use a mass of miniatures and maps as well as providing plentiful opportunities for star ship engagements and a few occasions for the players to perform orbital strikes.
The fleet

More 3D terrain

Nuke it from orbit. Fun times for all.