Saturday, 9 February 2013

Q:When the DM is away will the PCs still play?


The DM of my regular DnD group is away on a Holiday to South East Asia. Leaving his PCs to there own devices. This would normally be a bad idea with the shenanigans we normally get up to, but as this time we will be outside his universe he is unconcerned with what we get up to.

The decision has been made to try a few different systems over the next few weeks Deadlands and Rogue Trader on top of the list to try first. Our DM has expressed an interest at trying out some other systems but we normally demand that he continue to craft fulling experiences for us as we stamp around in his imagination. It is a pity that when he returns we will had out fill of new systems and expect that he have used his time away to compose a new story ark.

So far while preparing to run these new systems we have played five game of Zombicide each game ended in player victory even if not all the players survived the zombie hordes.

Asshat Hammer

The gaming sites have been exploding with the news that GW  is swinging there legal hammer this time aimed at an author using the term Space Marine this is nothing new. GW has been heavy handed in defending its IP for some time now. However there was I time when GW wasn't the heartless multi-million dollar publicly traded company it is now. In that lost epoch perhaps they had a different view on intellectual property rights.